A brief introduction to the sprint running sport

Since races at this distance can last around six or seven seconds, having good reflexes and thus getting off to a quick start is more vital in this race than any other. This is roughly the distance required for a human to reach maximum speed and can be run with one breath. It is popular for training and testing in other sports e. The world record in this event is held by American sprinter Christian Coleman with a time of 6.

A brief introduction to the sprint running sport

See Article History Alternative Title: The course for sprint races is usually marked off in lanes within which each runner must remain for the entire race. Originally sprinters used a standing start, but after sprinters started from a crouched position using a device called a starting block legalized in the s to brace their feet see photograph.

Races are begun by a pistol shot; at 55 to 65 metres 60 to 70 yardstop sprinters attain maximum speed, more than 40 km per hour 25 miles per hour. After the metre mark the runner begins to lose speed through fatigue.

A brief introduction to the sprint running sport

All important international races at metres and yards, as well as metres and yards, are run on an oval track. The starts are staggered the lanes farther from the centre begin progressively farther forward on the track so that each runner will cover an equal distance. As a result, the competitors, particularly in the metres and yards, have no exact knowledge of their respective positions until they have completed the final turn.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles:The shortest running event is the m sprint, which is probably the most popular one. There is, however, the 60m sprint but that is normally held in an indoor setting on a smaller track. Other running events include the m and m tracks, and these are called sprints.

Coal Region Racing is a group of local race fans dedicated to the historical preservation of the history of Schuylkill County, PA's dirt track racing past.

Subscribe now and save, give a gift subscription or get help with an existing subscription. Sprint running races are short distances races in which athletes try to run at their maximum speed throughout the entire distance of the race.

Sprint races are part of the track and field discipline and are included in all events that feature track and field competitions. The Porsche Carrera S. Its identity emerged on the race track. Its home is on the road. Abstract.

A brief introduction to the sprint running sport

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