Account of the woburn trial

No one saw Rakes alive again, prosecutors said. Rather, he was killed by a close friend, William J. Get Fast Forward in your inbox: Get what you need today in this early-morning email.

Account of the woburn trial

Judge Skinner's questionnaire Introduction In May Jan Richard Schlichtmanna young, Cornell-educated lawyer who specialized in medical malpractice cases, filed a lawsuit against two multinational corporations in U. District Court in Boston.

His clients were six Woburn families, all of whom had a child who had died of leukemia or who was being treated for the illness. Schlichtmann charged that W. The suit alleged that the well water caused the leukemia cases and numerous other illnesses, including cardiac arrhythmias and disorders of the immune and neurological systems.

The case, which eventually grew to involve eight families and three defendants UniFirst Corporation was later sued in Middlesex Superior Court in Cambridgeraised considerable hopes.

Members of the community believed their questions about what had happened to Woburn would finally be answered -- and that those responsible would pay. But after seven years of legal maneuvering and millions of dollars spent on lawyers' fees, scientific tests, and financial settlements, not one of the 28 surviving plaintiffs has ever taken the witness stand to tell his or her story to a judge and jury.

In Julyfollowing a day Account of the woburn trial, a six-member federal jury found that Grace had negligently contaminated the wells. The jury dismissed the charges against Beatrice, Grace's co-defendant. But a three-judge panel for the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ruled in late that Beatrice's lawyers engaged in "misconduct" by failing prior to the trial to give Schlichtmann test results of which they had knowledge.

The court ordered Skinner to conduct hearings to determine the extent of that misconduct and whether it was "knowing or deliberate" on the part of Beatrice's lawyers. The first phase of those hearings was held in early On July 10 Skinner ruled that Beatrice, through the actions of a former tannery owner and his lawyer, had engaged in "deliberate misconduct.

More hearings were expected to be held in the fall of A ruling on whether the families will be granted a new trial will probably not be made until some time in The appeals ultimately failed.


Illness and death The East Woburn environment East Woburn, that portion of Woburn east of Main Street Route 38is a low, swampy area that has been heavily industrialized for the past century. For decades Woburn's water had been obtained from six wells known simply as A through F drilled into the groundwater aquifer surrounding Horn Pond, located in the south-central portion of the city.

But in the s, as water became scarce, city officials considered drilling wells in groundwater-rich East Woburn. Some officials warned that the water obtained from such wells would be of poor quality. But the city moved ahead and drilled well G innear the east bank of the Aberjona River, south of Route and north of Salem Street.

Several years later the city drilled well H about feet north of well G, even closer to the river. Almost from the moment the new wells went on line, residents of East Woburn complained the water smelled and tasted bad.

Account of the woburn trial

One neighborhood resident, Anne Anderson, went so far as to question whether the water might have caused the leukemia that her son Jimmy was suffering from. James Anderson, born July 16,was diagnosed with leukemia in January By the time he died, on January 18,many observers believed Anne Anderson had been right.

But during the s most people dismissed her as a distraught mother groping for answers. Repeated tests of wells G and H by local and state health officials showed the water was unpleasant but safe.

Then, ina state official nearly stumbled on the truth.

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While testing an experimental instrument designed to detect extremely small quantities of organic solvent chemicals, he came across inexplicably high readings from wells G and H.

But rather than explore the matter further he assumed the readings were wrong, and used them to calibrate the testing device. The truth was finally learned in May Officials discovered that in a "midnight dumping" incident someone had ditched a large quantity of barrels several thousand feet north of the wells.

The agency found that the barrels had not leached their contents into the wells -- but that the wells were contaminated with several chlorinated organic compounds, including trichloroethylene TCE and tetrachloroethylenealso known as perchloroethylene PCE.Vital Core is a barre and yoga studio in Woburn, MA.

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From my experience, Woburn district is as corrupt and dishonest and at times worst than the criminals they proscute. They are always in collusion with retired and corrupt members of the North Reading Police department, it is impossible to 1/5(2).

Trial of man accused of poisoning Stephen Rakes begins in Woburn Rakes was money,” Lynch said during the opening day of Camuti’s murder trial in Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn.

“Mr. WOBURN - As relatives of the slain patrolman prepare to mark yet another year since the family patriarch’s death, a Middlesex Superior Court judge has set a spring trial date for the accused in.

The Massachusetts court system resembles a pyramid. Cases commence in one of the 7 trial court departments, and are first decided there.

Account of the woburn trial

Cases are initiated in the particular court which has subject matter and geographic jurisdiction over the issues and parties involved. WOBURN - With the court case now closing in on its fourth year, a Middlesex Superior Court judge is scheduled to set a trial date for the three men accused Trial in Maguire case may be set in Sept.

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