An argument in favor of legalizing marijuana in all fifty states of america for its medicinal and ec

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An argument in favor of legalizing marijuana in all fifty states of america for its medicinal and ec

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. California state law currently permits marijuana to be regulated as a Schedule II drug, allowing it to be distributed for medicinal purposes with imposing regulations; however, with marijuana dispensaries beginning to overrun the streets of Los Angeles and lax regulations being enforced, one thing is clear: In the past few decades, marijuana use has become the most widely used illicit recreational drug.

The public has since begun to perceive it as harmless and even healing.

An argument in favor of legalizing marijuana in all fifty states of america for its medicinal and ec

The ongoing debate over legalization between the federal and state government rests on whether or not marijuana actually contains valid medical properties.

Many argue that legalization will help the economy grow if medical marijuana is taxed, but at what cost? In reality, legalization poses the risk of making the drug more available to the public and encourages illegal trafficking.

In an effort to avoid taxes on the substance, illegal trafficking could boost marijuana production and availability. Despite the fact that legalizing marijuana will inevitably make public access easier, but there is no guarantee that it will remove the substance from the underground market.

Marijuana will find a way into the hands of abusers whether it is controlled or not.

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The key is to make marijuana as little available to the public as possible. Until stricter regulations are imposed upon public dispensaries, marijuana cannot be considered a safe or controlled substance.

Another reason medical marijuana should not be regulated as a Schedule II drug is because it imposes many physical health risks on individuals. More research is needed to draw conclusions. In spite of this, ProCon.

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Smoke is not meant to be in lungs, so it remains largely suspicious that there could be little or no detrimental effects from marijuana smoke on the respiratory and immune system. Because marijuana users typically hold smoke in their lungs for longer periods than tobacco users, their lungs are exposed to more carcinogenic properties contained in the smoke.

This gives them just as much risk for cancer than tobacco users. Yet, there are other physical health risks that are not directly caused by the smoke, but the physical effects marijuana has on the brain.

However much of natural medicine weed can be considered, it must not be overlooked that is a plant containing the drug, THC, a psychoactive compound and mild hallucinogen that has the ability to impair physical senses.

Therefore, marijuana users can experience hallucinations, impaired memory, delusions, and dizziness. For these reasons, the negative health effects of smoking marijuana should not be ignored or dismissed as insignificant.Maine is one of 20 states, along with the District of Columbia, where medical marijuana is legal.

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In many states, including Massachusetts, California and New Jersey, it is legal to use medical marijuana under certain guidelines. This means more people will be free to use the drug for its . Without its strongest argument, the HIA’s case hinged on whether or not the DEA rule violated agricultural laws, which the justices determined it did not and consequently ruled in favor of the DEA.

Although the case is currently being appealed, the results of this case could have a chilling effect on the U.S.

An argument in favor of legalizing marijuana in all fifty states of america for its medicinal and ec

CBD market. The global legal cannabis industry is set to surge to $ billion by , and countries that permit recreational marijuana stand to make billions from sales duties and other taxes. The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado: The Impact Vol. 2/August Section 2 – Youth Marijuana Use: • In , percent of youth ages 12 to 17 were considered current marijuana.

In the additional 19 states where marijuana for medicinal purposes is legal, regulation varies widely, with certain states, such as California, so lax about criteria for a medical marijuana card.

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