Comparative study of bsnl and airtel

India adopted a phased approach for reforming the telecom sector right from the beginning. Privatisation was gradually introduced, first in value-added services, followed by cellular and basic services.

Comparative study of bsnl and airtel

A comparative study of Public and Private cellular service providers in Karnataka state - An empirical study using factor analysis Dr. A C Kiran Kumar,1 Dr. H R Uma,2 Abstract: In India telecom sector is one of the fastest growing domains compared to other sectors of development, which acts as the primary driver for many foreign and domestic telecom companies to invest in this sector.

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This sector has received substantial investments, both by private as well as government sector in the recent years. In this research paper, issues related to perception of consumers who buy cellular connection have been addressed with reference to various issues considering different attributes of various cellular operators in Karnataka state.

The objective is to analyze and understand the major differences existing between the public and private cellular service providers with reference to preferences, choices and the various services offered by them.

The suggestions and key findings may be used by the telecom companies to develop their marketing strategies.

Comparative study of bsnl and airtel

There are lots of developments and changes happening around us. Most of the companies are looking for growth and market share; as a result they are targeting the emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China BRIC.

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With consideration to these countries and others, telecom and cellular industry is growing at a rapid pace, as the demand is increasing day by day. The cellular sector has witnessed significant growth in subscriber base both in rural and urban areas, over the last decade.

With the increase in network coverage and competition being very tough, has resulted in decline of tariffs acting as catalysts for the growth in subscriber base. This potential growth in subscriber base and advanced technology has attracted newer players in the industry, with the result that the intensity of competition has kept increasing day by day.

Major Players in Karnataka: India is one among the fastest growing cellular markets in the world. India, the second largest mobile market in the world, is also among the fastest growing mobile markets globally.

The total number of mobile subscribers in India i. The overall teledensity of India, as on August is TRAI The major cellular operators in Karnataka state is mentioned in the below table along with their customer base as on June source: Cellular customer base as on June Sl.

Company Figures Share previous month 1 Bharti Airtel , Based on primary and secondary research on cellular service usage pattern, we identified variety of users seeking various services for their regular usage.

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Hence, drawing on our finding, we used factor analysis to identify the potential users seeking core services and augmented services. The objective of the study is to:Comparative Study of Major Telecom Providers in India Ashutosh Mishra, Mratyunjay Singh, Dr. Arvind Mittal, attheheels.comaSoni the major being Airtel,Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Tata, today’s era, with the increase in telecom serviceproviders, it has become essential for the Comparative Study of Major Telecom Providers in India.

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Standing Committees meet throughout the year to discuss matters under their consideration. Objective of study are: • What marketing strategies the Airtel is implementing to defend and increase the market share.

To find who are the competitors of the Airtel and the market shares of the competitors and what strategies Airtel is implementing to beat its competitors.

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