Effect of extreme hot and cold weather on plants

Some plants that grow in cold weather are because they have enough things and minerals that they can grow in difficult areas. What are some effects that extreme weather can have? Extreme weather can cause property damage, death, and injury in a variety of ways.

Effect of extreme hot and cold weather on plants

Share with your friends 0 Very cold temperatures will freeze the water inside plants so cells will burst from the expansion of water causing the plants to brown, wilt, and die.

Some plants are better at surviving cold than others. Decidious trees will lose their leaves before winter to protect the plant from cold weather.

Effect of extreme hot and cold weather on plants

Evergreen trees produce a special anti-freeze chemical that keeps them from freezing during cold weather. Tropical plants do not produce this chemical and many tropical plants will not lose their leaves some lose their leaves during the dry season because of a lack of water though and thats why they cant handle cold weather.

Many plants are suceptible to freezing weather while they are actively growing. Even trees in cold climates can be killed if they see freezing weather during the summer months when they are actively growing.

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Hot weather can also kill plants. Some plants such as cactus retain a lot of water and thats how they can handle a lot of dry weather and hot weather. They retain water by keeping all the water in the center of the plant.

They cant afford to grow leaves because that exposes the water to more heat. Plants with leaves undergo a process called transpiration.

During hot weather plants will close their "air holes" as tight as possible to keep the water inside of them.

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When this method fails, plants will wilt which you see often during dry weather. If plants become severely dehydrated they will die.The effect of extreme hot and cold weather on plants would benegative.

This is because the cells can not function during thesetemperatures causing cells to die. Share to. We provide live weather, forecasts and averages for towns and cities in Turkey. Aug 28,  · It's cold!

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Brrrrr! The winter of was very cold in many parts of the U.S. And no doubt, more harsh winters are in the future. How Hot Weather Effects Plants Hot, dry summers are rough on plants, especially on non-native plants and those weak from improper care.

Since many of our landscape plants aren't naturally adapted to heat, they need special attention and care. Some extreme weather and climate events have increased in recent decades, and new and stronger evidence confirms that some of these increases are related to human activities.

How plants are affected by cold also varies depending upon the type of plant and the above factors. USDA guidelines for plant hardiness are just that, guidelines. The actual hardiness of a plant will fluctuate according to the microclimate, exposure, water and nutrient intake, and the overall health of a plant.

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