Essay on paddy plantation

Rice is the important cereal of the world. It included under grass family which produce starchy edible grains.

Essay on paddy plantation

But, in general, paddy cultivation is quite distinctive and observes following steps: Paddy farmers used to get their fields ready before the rainy season. The weeds are cleared and the field is ploughed by buffaloes or tractors to a depth of few inches.

Manures and fertilizers are added to the soil. The whole surface then remained covered with water of about 2.

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The field is then ready for receiving seedlings from the nursery. Generally paddy seedlings are first prepared in nursery and then transplanting is done in the field after about 40 days.

Although in some areas of India and Sri Lanka seeds have been sown directly in the field and the seedlings sprout when the rain comes.

But yield of paddy from transplanting is greater than the direct sowing. The transplanted paddy also grows faster because of regular spacing and matures within a shorter period. Paddy fields also require regular maintenance, such as occasional weeding and thinning out the more crowded patches, level of water is to be maintained according to the growth and the fields are drained dry before the crop is harvested.

The traditional harvesting system is either through a curved knife or a sharp-edged knife. It is very labour-intensive. Harvesting is done in the dry season, when the weather is sunny. Mechanical combines which cut and thresh are used in Japan.

Essay on paddy plantation

Threshing, Winnowing and Milling: After the paddy stalks have been gathered and dried for a brief spell, their threshing is usually done. By beating the sheaves against the bars, the grains are separated from the stalks. Now threshing machines have also been developed.

Winnowing is a process of removing the unwanted particles from the paddy grains. The simplest way is by pouring the paddy down from a height on a windy day to a large square mat on open ground.

The grains fall to the mat while lighter chaff blows out. Sometimes hand-winnowing machines are also used. Milling means removal of the yellowish husks from paddy so that white or polished rice is obtained. In a rice mill the paddy is made to pass between varying sets of huller or rollers till it is milled or polished.

Although, there are several varieties of rice, but on the basis of their location two varieties have been identified. Another classification is based on origin and geographical concentration, and accordingly, there are two types: Found in temperate climate and requires more fertilizer.

Mostly found in Japan, Korea, Philippines, etc. Grown in warmer regions like India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.Rice plant in paddy field in Thailand Paddy rice Rice (Oryza sativa, Asian rice). Set of hand drawn realistic vector silhouettes of rice plants.

Beautiful view of rice paddy field view over paddy attheheels.comive focus. Paddy rice isolated on white background. ears of . Paddy Field Fish Culture (Also Named Fish Culture in Paddy Field) Essay Sample Problem Identification: The bad harvest of paddy resulting in a high price of rice, accompanying with the low income of farmers.

Winnowing is a process of removing the unwanted particles from the paddy grains. The simplest way is by pouring the paddy down from a height on a windy day to a large square mat on open ground. The tea plantation sector in Sri Lanka has a history of approximately years. Tea plantation commonly refers to as tea estates and it become as a dominant crop of the estate sector4.

The commercial planting of the tea was introduced by James Taylor in and emerged as the main plantation crop. Traditional paddy cultivation started with plowing fields to prepare the plantation seed site in a small area of paddy field. Traditional plowing process is using a plow pulled by .

Research Papers words ( pages) Essay on Studying Amylose Content in Rice - It has been reported in Ball et al., () study that the amylose content in rice varies from %.

An Essay on Cultivation of Rice for Botany Students