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Since After Frick's death inhis daughter, Helen Clay Frick continued to expand the collection. Frick left paintings on site at The Frick Collection but an additional fifty paintings in all have been acquired over the years by the Trustees from an endowment provided by the founder and through gifts and bequests.

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The building restored and opened to the public on December 16, and restored again in and in Many of the collection's paintings remain arranged according to Frick's original design. The collection features some of the best-known paintings by major European artists, as well as numerous works of sculpture and porcelain.

It also has eighteenth century French furniture, Limoges enamel and Oriental rugs.


Although the museum Frick off lend the two-thirds that belonged to Frick, as stipulated in his will, the Frick Collection does lend artworks and objects acquired since his death.

Besides its permanent collection, the Frick has always organized small, focused temporary exhibitions. The collection houses three exquisite Vermeers: Established inthe Frick Art Reference Library quickly became a prime resource for art historians and students.

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The library's collections focus on art of the Western tradition from the fourth century to the mid-twentieth century, and chiefly include information about paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints and illuminated manuscripts.

The Frick Collection website has been completely revamped, with the addition of an array of new programs and features. The site's layout is sober and visuals are agreeable.

Content is well organized and navigation presents no problems. For Vermeer enthusiasts, the " Zoomify " feature permits viewers to inspect all three of the collection's Vermeer's in truly impressive detail.

Unfortunately, integral high-resolution digital images of the Frick's artworks cannot be downloaded to the user's hard disk due to its restrictive copyright policy.

Inthe Frick Collection was one of the first art museums to offer a Virtual Tour. Due to its popularity it was updated and expanded to include all of the public spaces and gardens.

The tour features links to the prime works of art and a history of the galleries and architecture. A full screen version is also available.

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In the opulent West Gallery Vermeer's Mistress and Maid keeps company with a group of absolute masterworks of European painting, displayed in what is perhaps one of the most user-friendly environments for art lovers on the planet.

From a fixed point in each room, the viewer can rotate his line of sight degrees allowing him to get a feel of the unique ambience for which the Frick is rightly renowned. Street View technology allows the visitor to move about the museum premise as he or she pleases rather being constrained to view the environment from a single, predetermined point.

However, the Street View touring tehcnology still appears ill adapted for such particular environments such as musuems which steward some of the most profound manifestations of human genius. Technical glitches are to be expected, navigation can be frustrating and colors are more often than not disappointing—some critics question its end utility as a means for communicating the museum experience.

For the art historian and researcher, the Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library has published various online databases including the Archives Directory for the History of Collecting in Americaand the unique Montias Database of Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art Inventoriescreated and donated by the America economist turned Vermeer biographer.

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Dec 30,  · "The Girl with a Pearl Earring" -- also made famous by a novel release -- has a co-star at New York's Frick museum.

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complete list of museums which house paintings by Johannes Vermeer and a review of their websites. Download the Frick Collection app Browse exhibitions and works on view. Aircraft For Sale in South Carolina. Frick Aviation, Inc.

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