Jack welch leadership essay

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Jack welch leadership essay

More Essay Examples on Change management Rubric Welch entered the organization with a strategic methodology that consisted of undergoing a comprehensive restructuring process that would eliminate the deadweight or terminate low-performers that are unproductive or unprofitable. Unfortunately, Welch came into the realization that his current management staff was unable to lead the corporation to success, therefore he proceeded with organizational downsizing.

What was he trying to achieve in the round of changes he put in motion in that period? Is there a logic or rational supporting the change process?

This method would enable GE to develop their own strategy based on the strategy of other organizations. Employees tend to resist change due to self-interest and fears about losing something of value, lack of trust and understanding, fears about uncertainty, differences in perspectives and goals, and their own cultures that may value tradition.

Change can be implemented from top down or through bottom up processes. Overcoming resistance to change is facilitated by communication, education, employee involvement, and sometimes by negotiation or even coercion.

Top management must be committed to the change for it to succeed. How does such a large, complex diversified conglomerate defy the critics and continue to grow so profitably?

Jack welch leadership essay

Not only was Welch determined to move forward with his change initiative, he also understood the importance of developing a work staff to be the best they can be.

An organization in general will drastically increase revenue if the organization values and appreciates their staff members like Welch demonstrated through his competitive leadership style.

What are the implications for his replacement? In my opinion, Welch was a prominent business man who had a mission to transform and organization to excel as a top-tier performing corporation who prides itself on meeting the needs of consumers while creating a positive atmosphere brimming with employee satisfaction.

I find that his overall leadership style facilitated change from the inside out and from the top-to-bottom hierarchy. As previously stated, Welch was a transformational and transactional leader that was committed to embracing new opportunities for the benefit of organization as a whole.

Jones, who was almost as admired in his day as Welch is now. Jones risked his reputation by pushing Welch over several other candidates. Indeed, some GE board members considered Welch too impetuous to take the helm. Welch started his reign with a bang, dismantling GE through a series of dramatic restructurings and layoffs.Jack Welch's leadership principles have changed the corporate model, and will be used for many years to come.

Welch is well known by many to cut down on staff at . Essay Compare Leadership Styles Between Jack Welch and Jeff Immelt ASSIGNMENT ON LEADERSHIP Lecturer: Dr.

Brian O’Reilly Title: Compare and Contrast Two Leaders Executive Summary This paper would take leadership into account by comparing and contrasting two well-known leaders in General Electric (GE).

What Makes Jack Welch an Effective Leader?ideas from the article “Will Legacy Live On?” Before I talk about what makes Jack an effective leader, I want to explain briefly why I chose him as my study subject.

This free Management essay on Essay: Jack Welch as a transformational leader is perfect for Management students to use as an example. Welch’s leadership philosophy continues to be very simple: empower others, ask questions, tap into the potential of all of your associates, choose integrity and candor over charts, graphs, and politics, and spend more time in action instead of planning and posturing budgets.

Essay on The Jack Welch Era at General Electric Jack Welch was the CEO of General Electric (GE) for 20 years from to Jack transformed GE, taking a solidly profitable manufacturing company and turning it into an exceptionally profitable conglomerate dominated by service business.

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