Jane schafer method for an essay

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Jane schafer method for an essay

All formal essays include the following paragraphs: The Jane Schaffer Writing Program teaches students in the following modes: The Introduction The first paragraph is an essay. It includes the thesis, most often at the end. It begins broadly and narrows to the thesis.

Thesis Statement A statement with a subject and opinion commentary.

Jane schafer method for an essay

It acts as a roadmap to the entire essay. Body Paragraph s Paragraphs between the introduction and conclusion. It begins narrowly with a restatement of the thesis not a repeat and broadens.

It may sum up your ideas, reflect on what you said in your essay, provide more commentary about your subject, or give a personal statement about the subject. It gives a finished feeling to your whole essay. Transition Words, phrases, and sentences that link ideas and provide a smooth and logical flow to your thoughts so that your reader will follow your logical progression of ideas.

Concrete detail Specific details that form the backbone or core of your body paragraphs. Synonyms for concrete detail include facts, specifics, examples, descriptions, illustrations, support, proof, evidence, quotations, paraphrasing, or plot references.

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Usually, this phrase or sentence illustrates what is happening in the scene. It sets up the quotations. Commentary Your opinion or comment about something; not concrete detail.

A Chunk the combination of concrete detail sentences and commentary sentences. It is the smallest unified group of thoughts that you can write. Transitions are important within body paragraphs. Concluding Sentence The last sentence in a body paragraph.

It is all commentary, does not repeat key words, and gives a finished feeling to the paragraph Related Flashcards.+ free ebooks online. Did you know that you can help us produce ebooks by proof-reading just one page a day?

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数学科学学院. 微分方程的解析和数值方法 ( Analytical and numerical methods for differential equations ). 许进超 教授. 课程编号 学分 2. 授课对象 理工科类本科生 (数学、物理,力学,地空).

Jane schafer method for an essay

先修课程 数学分析,线性代数,计算机语言. 课程简介: 这是一门关于微分方程的新课程。. The Popularity of Formulaic Writing (and Why We Need to Resist) fixes for students’ writing problems.

I think, however, to rehash diatribes against the five-paragraph essay. In fact, I do not believe formulaic writing is the ac- I focus here on the Jane Schaffer Method, not because it is so different from other writing formulas, but.

The Schaffer method is a research-based writing formula commonly taught in middle and high school settings. The multi-paragraph essay structure was coined by Jane Schaffer in an effort to provide students and teachers with a consistent and proven formula for constructing essays.

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