Jiu er a female hero in

Rosa Parks, Susan B. As cultural icons, they represent firsts or standouts. In those headlines we do find extraordinary people who just happen to be women, and these models of the extraordinary serve as inspiration for current and future generations—for both women and men. These woman and others like them did not just prevail, they excelled when personal, economic, political, and racial obstacles threatened.

Jiu er a female hero in

Qiu Jin was born in to a family of the gentry, and received an excellent education as was typical for a young woman of her position. She always loved to write, and in this period of her life she wrote many joyful poems on subjects ranging from flowers and the four seasons to visiting historical places and domestic activities.

She also wrote about female heroes and warriors from Chinese history, in inspiring poems about their strength, courage, and beauty. Her poetry reflected her self-confidence and desire to become an excellent female writer as valued by traditional Chinese culture.

When Qiu Jin was 19, she obeyed her father and married the son of a wealthy merchant, against her own wishes. Qiu became extremely unhappy in her marriage.

He treats me as less than nothing. Her poetry from this period of her life was full of self-doubt and loneliness. Boxer Soldiers, courtesy Wikimedia Commons During this period Qiu also began writing poetry about current events and the fate of China.

After hearing of events such as the Boxer Rebellion and occupation of Beijing, she used her poetry, with literary allusion to heroines of the past, to express her conern about the fate of China and Chinese women. Her marriage was an important catalyst in her development as a feminist and revolutionary.

InQiu Jin moved with her husband to Beijing where he had purchased an official post. Qiu Jin finally left her husband inleaving to study in Japan.

Jiu er a female hero in

Returning to China inshe joined the Triads, an underground society who advocated for the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty, and other anti-Qing societies both Chinese and Japanese.

She admired the Japanese for their disciplined military spirit and thought that it played an important role in the modernization of Japan. Qiu was appointed head of the Datong school in the city of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, in The school was supposedly for sport teachers, but was actually used for the military training of revolutionaries.

She became well-known as a chivalrous woman for helping the poor and weak. At this time, Qiu was working with her cousin Xu Xilin to unite and train fellow revolutionaries who also believed that China needed a western-style government.

On July 6,Xu was caught and tortured for information before an uprising they had scheduled in Anqing in Angui Province. He was executed the next day. She was warned that officials would be coming for her at the Datong school, but she stayed anyway, writing to her sword sister Xu Yunhua that she was determined to die for the cause.

Jiu er a female hero in

On July 13, Qiu was arrested. Even after being tortured she refused to talk about her involvement in the scheduled uprising, but incriminating evidence was found at the school.

On July 15,Qiu Jin was beheaded publicly in her home village of Shanyin, at the age of Shocked by the brutal execution of a woman, many Chinese were strengthened in their resentment of the Qing dynasty. Qiu Jin immediately became a national hero, and was the subject of poetry, drama, and numerous works of fiction.

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