Pop-up restaurant business plan

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Pop-up restaurant business plan

A few years ago, you might have said: You can test the culinary waters and give new guests a chance to learn about your food and the teams behind that food, without having to invest too much in location, equipment, or labor. However, now a new trend has been popping up — literally.

pop-up restaurant business plan

A great way to start building a partnership with the community, many established and aspiring restaurateurs are turning to this trend to create buzz about their food. So where did this trend come from, and why is it only now popping up on your radar?

The History of Pop-Up Restaurants A relatively new trend, more and more restaurants — established and aspiring — are considering starting a pop-up restaurant, and more and more guests are getting excited about these unique dining experiences.

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Back in the s, the term "supper club" referred to traditional restaurants that also served as exclusive social clubs. They would present themselves as "high-class," even if the price was relatively affordable.

Eventually, the term "underground restaurants" became synonymous with "supper clubs. It can also help give a little energy to a quick-service restaurant that might be stale or boring. Instead of testing or launching a single product, think about a concept within a concept.

This lets them create a menu based on seasonality, creativity, and spontaneity, keeping guests guessing about what kind of sandwiches - pastrami, corned beef, and more - are coming next. Farm to Fork in San Francisco hosts a monthly pop-up event that shows a documentary at dinner about the life of the chef, how they source ingredients, and the story behind their food.

Food from that chef follows the showing, so that chef can build a community around their brand. Create a business plan. Your pop-up restaurant business plan will act as a blueprint that outlines your entire vision, including the end goal of the pop-up. Download a template to get started here.

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Research restaurants or bars in your area that host pop-ups, or brainstorm unique venues, such as bowling alleys or arcades, that your pop-up restaurant could open in. Apply for insurance, permits, and licenses.

Make sure that you apply for your foodservice permit, business license, and insurance. Learn more about the permits and licenses required to open a restaurant.

Set up a mobile kitchen. Set up a temporary dining room. Depending on your concept, this can be extremely easy your dining room might already exist in the restaurant or extremely hard.

Search for design inspiration here. Use your pop-up restaurant as an opportunity to engineer a menu that surprises and delights new guests. Enroll in Menu Engineering Bootcamp to learn how.

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Get the right technology. Follow a marketing and PR plan. Have you ever started a pop-up restaurant? How did you measure success, and what advice do you have for fellow restaurateurs looking to follow the trend?Rent everything you need for the temporary restaurant, shop, gallery etc.

– since your business is temporary you shouldn't spend any money on fixed equipment unless you are planning to turn your Pop Up into something permanent.

A Business Plan is a written document that outlines a company's goals and how it plans to achieve them.

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It also encompasses several other aspects of a company's future agenda and can serve as a tool for internal decision-making or as a business proposal to pitch to potential investors.

Reveal your pop-up plan to your guests, if you’d like — we think it’s more fun to keep it under wraps.

A restaurant business needs a lot of capital investment. However, if you look into a variety of restaurant categories and eating joints, you can decide if it fits your budget to start your dream restaurant. Operating a pop up restaurant is an absolute must if this is your first experience in the professional food industry. Life in the food business can be the most rewarding career imaginable, but like any other, it comes with its unique challenges. Communicate on plans the kind of food establishment (restaurant, bakery, etc.) and the scope of food activities. If you are remodeling only a small part of a large establishment, make clear on the plans which part of the building is being modified.

Set Up The morning of the party (or better yet, the day before), set out all the utensils and equipment you’ll need to transport to your party site.

Pop-up stores can be a great, low-cost option for businesses that are just getting started. But much like signing a long-term retail lease, pop-up business owners might need to do some negotiating.

Starting and running your own home based business can trickier than you imagine but opening a home-based restaurant may be an ideal solution for you. Apart from offering a lower level of risk and competition, home-based food entrepreneurs also enjoy greater flexibility from a work-from-home business model.

Compass Group/Eurest launched Foodworks, a pop-up restaurant concept, in Chicago this week. Inaugural restaurant partners include Pork & Mindy's, Saigon .

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