Protection by salt Sea salt is a powerful protector against bad energies. You can put sea salt in a dozen small containers muffin papers in a circle around you. Stay in the middle and close your eyes.


A Haunted Life First, I'd like to apologise for my mistakes. I am not a native English speaker, but I will try to do my best. I am posting this story here because I am desperately trying to get help but people either don't believe me or refuse to help me.

I live in Belgium. Most of the things I am describing happened in my parent's home, which is a new home that they build approximately 20 years ago in the countryside. There is something there that has been following me for a long time now, and I really don't know what to do anymore.

When I was a little girl, my mother was always feeling sick. She had terrible headaches, vomited constantly, and no one could ever find out what was wrong with her. I know that she went to a radiesthesiste once and that she never felt sick again, but she refuses to talk about it; I learned about it by accident when my grandfather forgot that I wasn't supposed to know.

I think it was after my mother felt better that the thing that was attached to her decided to harass me instead. At first, it was only in my bedroom: I was terrified to sleep in this room and slept with the lights on every night.

When I was a teenager, my brother moved out and I took his room instead. For a time, nothing happened, and I finally felt safe; but it didn't last and soon enough everything came back. When I went to university, I was so relieved to have a dorm where I finally wouldn't have to worry.

Once again, at first everything was okay. But when I went back to my parent's place for the holiday, it started to get awful. My mother used my first bedroom as a small upstairs living room, and she exposed a few matryoshka nesting dolls there.

When I went to that living room to see what she had done with the place, I saw that every matryoshka but one were facing to the right, in the direction of my new bedroom.

The last one was looking straight at me. Thinking that my mother was playing a prank on me, I moved every doll in the right position. The next day, they were once again facing my bedroom. I moved them once more, locked the door with the only key that could open it, and stayed awake all night to be sure it wasn't a prank.

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Possible MH debris sighting off coast of Sumatra Submitted by kstaubin on Wed, 02/07/ - I have included links (see below) to the Tomnod image maps (just click on .

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