The fashion world

There is a wonderful retrospective on Mrs.

The fashion world

August 15, The fashion world - See seven trends for fall on Fashion Trend Guide. Please note that this blog post is adapted from Fashion Snoops via MAGIC trade showis protected by international copyright laws, and may not be republished without permission. Suburbia Disturbia We take a step back in time to the post World War II era where technological advances underscored the Cold War and suburban life became mainstream.

The decades between and marked the emergence of middle class America where suburban sprawl transformed farmland to a landscape of track development housing. Bill Owens, the famed American photographer, captured this movement in his book titled Suburbiawhich documented the growth of suburban developments and the nuances of middle class life.

The iconic photographer William Eggleston was another key documenter of this time as his photographs of everyday middle class life brought color photography to the forefront of the art scene. This shift in gaze to suburban living inspires a new examination of the ideas of normalcy and inquires us to take a peek below the surface.

This curiosity is reinforced by directors like David Lynch whose recent revamp of his television series Twin Peaks marks a new fascination with the oddities and seedy underbelly of small town living.

The contemporary photographer Karen Khachaturov creates a spin on the portrayal of everyday life with his use of saccharine sweet pastel hues and surreal suburban imagery. Key words associated with Suburbia Disturbia are: Materials focus on bringing together both the mundane and the unfamiliar to create new textures, finishes, and combinations that are new and refreshing.

The story features fabrics ranging from classic vinyl that creates a slick and clinical appeal to waffle piques and tennis terry that urge you to touch them, stretch them out, and play with the fibers.

Patterns and graphics revisit the imagery from the '50s and '60s. They have a self-deprecating humor throughout. Food and drink play a part, while medicine and martinis are looked to for an escape.

Traditional, tailored patterns are revitalized, and geometrics divide between topsy-turvy and symmetrically simplistic. Retro postcards and advertisements make for great visuals, but the traditional imagery is ironically twisted as gender roles are reversed.

Shop examples of Suburbia Disturbia: Raw desert environments have long been a refuge for soul searchers and wisdom seekers as those environments hold great spiritual power. The captivating beauty of these locations was a great inspiration to the iconic American artist Georgia O'Keeffe.

Her oil paintings of blooming desert flora, dried bones, graceful canyons, and the endless desert horizon epitomize the stunning glory found in the Southwest.

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With this inspiration comes a desire to seek solitude and reconnect with the self. Meditation and yoga are expanding beyond trendy studios as they become an essential way of life.

A focus on the feminine form emerges with designers like Faye Toogood abandoning hard industrial lines in favor of round handcrafted shapes that accentuate organic surfaces. Understated lines balance the raw undercurrent of Mesa, with conceptual artists and sculptors like Richard Serra and Nancy Holt inspiring clean curvilinear shapes and an enlightened interaction between light and shadow.

Key words associated with Mesa include: The material stories within Mesa focus on using the natural landscape as inspiration, beautifully balancing the softness of sand with the sculpted sensual qualities of the desert rock.

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Sensuality and relaxation are key here, with elements such as sand brushed silk, organic linen, and laundered chambray, which work to give you airy and comfortable fabrics for everyday wear. Pattern stories within Mesa are texturally driven and show the rugged realities of living in the dry desert, which is beautifully counterbalanced with a feeling of ease and calmness.

The simplicity gives us time and space to ponder.Fashion and style.


Runway coverage and the latest on designers, clothing, style, accessories and more from the L.A. Times. “Cline is the Michael Pollan of fashion Hysterical levels of sartorial consumption are terrible for the environment, for workers, and even, ironically, for the way we look.”.

Nov 11,  · Inditex is a pioneer among “fast fashion” companies, which essentially imitate the latest fashions and speed their cheaper versions into stores.

Dolce&Gabbana presents The Fall Winter Collections. Discover online Menswear, Womenswear, Childrenswear, Eyewear, Accessories, Make-up and more. Red and Grey Embroidered Sharara Suit features a georgette kameez with santoon inner, georgette sharara with santoon inner and chiffon dupatta/5(28).

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The fashion world
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