The injustice of plastics

February 08,

The injustice of plastics

Background[ edit ] In the United States, the first report to draw a relationship between race, income, and risk of exposure to pollutants was the Council of Environmental Quality's "Annual Report to the President" inin response to toxic waste dumping in an African American community in Warren County, NC.

General Accounting Office GAO issued a report on the case inand the United Church of Christ UCC commissioned a report exploring the concept in drawing a connection between race and the placement of the hazardous waste facilities.

Corporations in the Global North often produce dangerous chemicals banned in the United States and export them to developing countries, or send waste materials to countries with less stringent environmental laws. CBA contributes to environmental racism through the valuing of environmental resources based on their utility to society.

The more someone is willing to pay for a resource such as clean water or air benefits society more than when people are not willing to pay for these goods.

This creates a burden on poorer areas, however, by relocating toxic wastes and other environmentally hazardous goods through the justification that they are not willing or able to pay as much as a wealthier area for a clean environment. The placement of toxic wastes near poor people lowers the property value of already cheap land.

Since the decrease in property value is less than that of a cleaner, wealthier area the monetary benefits to society are greater by dumping the toxic waste in a "low-value" area. Exposure to hazardous waste, how vulnerable a community is to flooding, how accessible potable water is, and discriminatory waste management processes.

First, cheap land is sought for economic reasons but cheap land can also be found due to lack of power in the community to resist the corporation. Second, the lack of political power carried by poor minority groups allow businesses to act with little to no resistance.

Politicians and lawmakers are able to better understand communities that have the resources to make their beliefs known, unlike impoverished minority communities. Third, the lack of mobility provides a stream of workers who can be paid minimum wage and thus do not have the funds to leave the now hazardous community.

Finally, the overall communities lack of money contributes to all the factors listed above and overall reduces the communities ability to act both physically and politically. For example, the process of suburbanization or white flight consists of non-minorities leaving industrial zones for safer, cleaner, and less expensive suburban locales.

Meanwhile, minority communities are left in the inner cities and in close proximity to polluted industrial zones. In these areas, unemployment is high and businesses are less likely to invest in area improvement, creating poor economic conditions for residents and reinforcing a social formation that reproduces racial inequality.

Indian removal A pile of American bison skulls — they were hunted almost to extinction in the s. The United States Army encouraged these massive hunts to force Native Americans off their traditional lands and into reservations further west. Byall tribes east of the Mississippi had been removed to western lands, essentially confining them to "lands that were too dry, remote, or barren to attract the attention of settlers and corporations".

This included allegations that the US "deliberately and systematically permitted, aided, and abetted, solicited and conspired to commit the dumping, transportation, and location of nuclear, toxic, medical, and otherwise hazardous waste materials on Native American territories in North America and has thus created a clear and present danger to the health, safety, and physical and mental well-being of Native American People".

The pipeline would start in North Dakota and travel to Illinois. Although it does not cross directly on a reservation, the pipeline is under scrutiny because it passes under a section of the Missouri river which is a key water source for Native American tribes including the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

The pipeline also traverses a sacred burial ground for the Standing Rock Sioux. Despite evidence of health problems, the residents of Altgeld Gardens have not been relocated to another public housing project. The counties residing in the "black belt" are significantly poorer than the rest of the state.

The residents lost the case in court. Despite protests and scientific evidence that the plan would cause drinking water contamination, the Warren County PCB Landfill was built and the toxic waste was placed in the landfill.

San Juanico disaster On November 19,the San Juanico disaster caused thousands of deaths and roughly a million injuries to poor surrounding neighborhoods. The close proximity of illegally built houses that did not meet regulations worsened the effects of the explosion.

The LES claimed to use an objective scientific method to select Louisiana as the "best" place to build the plant. Finally after 8 years, on May 1,a three-judge panel of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Atomic Safety and Licensing Board made their final initial decision.

The panel found that racial bias did play a role in the selection process. KAFB maintains various parts of aircraft such as jet engines, and accessory components and even nuclear materials, generating as much astons of hazardous waste each year.

Scientists released information in revealing that toxic waste had been dumped into an uncovered pit from to Pre-existing racial disparities in wealth within New Orleans worsened the outcome of Hurricane Katrina for minority populations. Institutionalized racial segregation of neighborhoods left minority members more likely to live in low-lying areas that were more vulnerable to flooding.

A report commissioned by the U. House of Representatives found that political leaders failed to consider the fact that ", city residents had no cars and relied on public transit", and the city's failure to complete its mandatory evacuation led to hundreds of deaths.

Flint water crisis Since Aprilresidents of Flinta city that is almost 57 percent black and notably impoverished, have been drinking and bathing in water that contains enough lead to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's definition of "toxic waste".

Before when the city of Flint switched to their own river as means of water, Lake Huron provided the area with water. Lead contamination can engender multiple health conditions.Analysis of the Movie, The Insider - The Insider () is a film rife with ethical dilemmas, suspense and controversy.

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It is based on a true story related to a episode . Compostable Plastic.

The injustice of plastics

World Centric ® compostable plastics are made from Ingeo™, a bio-based plastic derived from renewable corn in the U.S. Chemically, this material is known as PLA, or Poly Lactic Acid, which can be derived from a variety of plant-based starches..

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Benefits. Feels similar to conventional plastics; Freezer safe; Can handle hot food and drinks up to °F. Plastique is a traditional enemy of Firestorm and appears in the Injustice: Year Five comic lbs (56 kg).

The injustice of plastics

An Age of Abundance At the end of World War II, the United States underwent rapid economic growth. The postwar abundance could be easily pinpointed by the mass consumption of everything from energy and detergents to plastics and pesticides.

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