Thesis on wimax security

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Thesis on wimax security

Standards history[ edit ] The DECT standard was developed by ETSI in several phases, the first of which took place between and when the first round of standards were published. These were the ETS series in nine parts defining the air interface, and ETS defining how the units should be type approved.

A technical report, ETR, was also published to explain the standard.

A Security Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network :- Lijun Jia

Indue to its more global usage, the name was changed from European to Enhanced. These channels are reserved exclusively for voice communication applications and therefore are less likely to experience interference from other wireless devices such as baby monitors and wireless networks.

The standard was created to enable home automation, security, healthcare and energy monitoring applications that are battery powered. Calls continue as users move between different coverage cells, through a mechanism called handover.

Thesis on wimax security

Calls can be both within the system and to the public telecommunications network. Public access, using large numbers of base stations to provide high capacity building or urban area coverage as part of a public telecommunications network.

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Of these, the domestic application cordless home telephones has been extremely successful. The public access application did not succeed, since public cellular networks rapidly out-competed DECT by coupling their ubiquitous coverage with large increases in capacity and continuously falling costs.

There has been only one major installation of DECT for public access: By using directional antennas and sacrificing some traffic capacity, cell coverage could extend to over 10 kilometres 6. One example is the corDECT standard.

Data applications such as electronic cash terminals, traffic lights, and remote door openers [12] also exist, but have been eclipsed by Wi-Fi3G and 4G which compete with DECT for both voice and data.

It was decided the term DECT 1. European DECT products may not be used in the United States and Canada, as they likewise cause and suffer from interference with American and Canadian cellular networks, and use is prohibited by the Federal Communication Commission and Industry Canada.

There are several CAT-iq profiles which define supported voice features: Technical features[ edit ] The DECT standard specifies a means for a portable phone or "Portable Part" to access a fixed telephone network via radio. Base station or "Fixed Part" is used to terminate the radio link and provide access to a fixed line.

This allows several cordless telephones to be placed around the house, all operating from the same telephone jack. Additional handsets have a battery charger station that does not plug into the telephone system.

Handsets can in many cases be used as intercomscommunicating between each other, and sometimes as walkie-talkiesintercommunicating without telephone line connection. This means that the radio spectrum is divided into physical carriers in two dimensions: DECT uses time division duplex TDDwhich means that down- and uplink use the same frequency but different time slots.

If frequency-hopping is avoided, each base station can provide up to channels in the DECT spectrum before frequency reuse.

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Each timeslot can be assigned to a different channel in order to exploit advantages of frequency hopping and to avoid interference from other users in asynchronous fashion. Operates clearly in common congested domestic radio traffic situations, for instance, generally immune to interference from other DECT systems, Wi-Fi networks, video sendersBluetooth technology, baby monitors and other wireless devices.10 QoS Issues and Challenges in WiMAX and WiMAX MMR Networks Kiran Kumari, Srinath Narasimha and Krishna M.

Sivalingam Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, INDIA University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD, USA Introduction Internet connectivity from “anywhere, anytime” is an important goal for the current gener- ation of networking technologies. The Vision of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technology Silchar is to be a model of excellence for undergraduate and post graduate education and research in the country.

The final goal for the whole research (presented in our Ph.D. Thesis) will be to obtain a new security plan (and a corresponding architecture) which can be applied by any operator who wants to develop a new WiMAX network. The proposed WiMAX/Wi-Fi infrastructure allows the utilities deploying an AMI wireless communication infrastructure not only at low cost of installation and maintenance but also with high performance, scalability, and security.

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Our aim of this thesis is to show, what technological advantages of WiMAX gives it greater system capacity, flexibility and ability to efficiently support more symmetric links .

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